Start Here: Homeschool P.E.

Gifted Athletes Athletic Academy teaches physical education to homeschool students in the Memphis, (Mid-South) area. Our classes are open to students K-8 grade.

We provide a classic model physical education program. We teach sport fundamentals. We are not an organized sports program. Every six-weeks students learn different sports, and we teach the fundamentals of each sport. 

We offer homeschool classes at Bert Ferguson Community Center, Monday and Wednesday’s, and Bartlett Recreation Center, Thursday’s and now Friday’s!


Unfortunately, sometimes P.E. is overlooked within the homeschool community. Because we have the freedom to homeschool our children, a physical education curriculum  is often taken for granted. At Gifted Athletes Athletic Academy, we speak with many home educators who do not understand what physical education actually is. Most believe it can be any kind of active movement. In some respects it is. Some home educators assume telling their child to run around outside is good enough. It can be. But as adults, we don’t run around outside without any purpose, do we? Most adults attend a structured program to better enhance their athletic ability. Why not give your children the same structure early in life? Physical education is just that – education. It is an important part of learning and should be a high priority as with other subjects.

Quality is Key

A quality physical education class can have a positive life-long impact in a child’s life. Students learn the importance of taking care of their body. They develop muscle and flexibility. They strengthen their brain muscles. And they are introduced to a wide range of sports.

About our homeschool classes

Every six weeks we introduce students to a new sport. For example; soccer, basketball, track or baseball. We teach sport fundamentals. The students do not have to be athletic or know how to play the sport. We  TEACH students the basics of each sport.

Class begins with warm-up drills, jog and power walk, agility workouts. Our exercises develop ab muscles, calf muscles, and arm strength. Our exercises build endurance and speed. Our exercises develop brain muscles, flexibility, and coordination.  We then move into sport fundamentals. Each sport has a positive impact to enhance the quality of life. For example; learning how to rebound a basketball helps students become alert and aware and understand quickness.

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