Speed and Agility Personal Training

Get In Athletic Shape!

Speed and Agility Personal Training with Coach Ru. Omar Ruvalcaba is a certified group exercise instructor. He is CPR and First-Aid certified. Coach Ru spent two years as the varsity quarterbacks football coach at Cordova High School. He is currently the varsity running backs coach at ECS (Evangelical Christian School).


Does your child have a desire to excel as a student athlete?

What is speed and agility?

According to Men’s Journal, speed and agility is defined as an athlete’s ability to accelerate in a target direction, plant, and reposition body mass appropriately to effectively reaccelerate in a new direction – all within a matter of seconds. If an athlete can’t do that, they’re not only at a distinct disadvantage but also more likely to get injured. 

Invest in one-on-one personal training.

Speed and Agility training is designed to improve all athletes in their chosen sport.

Open to all students who are dedicated to enhancing their athletic performance.

Where: Lessons will be held at Bert Ferguson Community Center outside (above 30 degrees).

When: Twice a week based on your schedule.

Lessons Will Exclude: 



Muscle Activation


Shuffle Drills



Ladder Drills

Light Weights

(Downtown Memphis Stairs) Per student athlete’s performance level.

Time: 45 Minutes

Price: $300 Six-Weeks (Breakdown $25 per lesson)

(Payment Options: Pay Upfront or Two Installments. First payment due the first week of lessons. Second payment due third week of lessons.)

Registration Fee: $35 ($1.50 service fee added)

Registration fee due upon registration.

Our website does not have an automatic response. Once your registration form and registration payment is received you will receive an email notification within 24 hours.

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