Saleama Speaks!

While Saleama was in Bible College, one of her professors told her that she has the gift of encouragement. People tell Saleama all the time that she is the most encouraging person on social media. Saleama’s speaking ministry is rooted from Acts 4:36. Saleama is an encourager and your group will leave Saleama’s presence encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ!

  • Am I a Godly Wife?
  • I am Hagar: Finding Value as a Women of God.
  • When Goliath is the Church (Overcoming hurt within the Church)
  • What Happens when we Neglect Physical Intimacy in Marriage?
  • The Homeschool Journey – Stop Worrying – You Got This!

If you would like to contact Saleama to speak at your event or to learn more about each topic, please use the form below.