Q. I thought your program was only for students with special needs?

A. We are homeschool physical education program available to all students in the Memphis area.

Q. With “gifted” in your program’s name, does that mean my child has to be really smart or very good in athletics?

A. “Gifted” In our program name means, “Bestowing a gift to Home Education.”

Q. When I register and pay, am I paying for the entire school year?

A. No. We teach different sport fundamentals every six-weeks. Therefore, when you register and pay, you are paying for one six-week session at a time.

Q. How will I know when to pay for the next six-week session?

A. Once you are a part of our program we communicate how to pay via our parent email updates.

Q. My child would like to attend more than once a week, is that possible?

A. Yes. There’s no additional fee to attend two days per week. For more than two days per week there is a fee. Email us to ask additional questions about attending more than two times per week. giftedamemphis@gmail.com

Q. My child does not like a certain sport you are offering, can I skip a session and come back?

A. Our families are under no obligations to attend any of our sessions. However, we like to encourage students to try each session. We are teachers and we are here to “teach”. Students do not have to like a sport or be good at a sport to enjoy our sessions. We have seen many of our students “dislike” a sport we offered, however, by the end of the six-week session they loved it.

Q. Can I register my child and pay to save his or her spot, but get a refund if we change our minds?

A. No. Please do not register your child if your availability is uncertain. Our program has become very popular over the past few years. We’ve had to turn students away because our classes are now becoming full. In general we do not offer refunds. We allow credits for another session if you cannot attend the session you paid for.

Q. How do I register for each session?

A. For classes at Bert Ferguson Community Center, Monday’s and Wednesday’s, registration is done on our website on the registration page. For classes at Bartlett Recreation Center, registration is done in person at their front desk.