Homeschool “Champions” Class

We offer a homeschool “Champions” class on Thursday’s at Bartlett Recreation Center 11:00-11:45a.m.

The “Champions” class is small, not exceeding 10 students. It’s open to students with special needs. Please be advised, however, that students with special needs are not obligated only to the Champions class. Our classes are open to ALL students. The Champions class is an option for you if you believe your child would prefer this smaller class. We have several students with autism and ADHD who attend our regular classes and are thriving.

The Champions class is a simply an additional option for you.

Our next session begins: August 16, 2018 (Registration begins July 1).

Our next sport: Tennis

Fee is every six weeks. $32 one student. $42 two students. $52 three or more students. (Please note, Bartlett Recreation Center charges a $5 fee for non members)

Registration is in person at Bartlett Recreation Center Center at the front desk. Address: 7700 Flaherty Pl, Memphis, TN 38133