Mission: Embrace Your Gift. Achieve Your Goals. Influence the Multitudes. 

Omar Ruvalcaba (Coach Ru) is a certified group instructor and has been teaching youth sports for over 20 years. Coach Ru has a strong desire to empower the homeschool community athletically. He has experience coaching a wide range of sports. He is CPR, First-Aid, and AED certified. Coach Ru is an assistant football coach at Evangelical Christian School. He is gentle and kind and he uses his football experience to help students learn loving discipline.

Omar is a firm believer that we all have God-given talents. As a passionate sports enthusiast, Omar is using his love for sports and gift of coaching to bring out the best in his students.

“We all have gifts to be used as a platform to bring glory and honor to God. When we humbly use our athletic gifts, we excel not only athletically, but also with integrity. Our goal at Gifted Athletes Athletic Academy is the help our students embrace their athletic gifts, achieve their goals, and then reach the multitudes for the glory and honor of God!”

Omar and his wife Saleama, are proud parents and home educators. They each serve as tutors for Classical Conversations, and also operate a homeschool support group called Proverbs Twenty-Two Six.  The Ruvalcaba’s are active members of Bellevue Baptist Church. Coach Ru is a volunteer youth sports coach at Bellevue. He also teaches six-grade Life Group, is a decision counselor, and VBS Director. Saleama as well is a Life Group teacher. She teaches third grade on Sunday’s and second grade on Wednesday’s. She also serves as a teacher for VBS.

Omar is Gifted Athletes’ owner operator and primary instructor. He will earn his B.S. in 2018.

Saleama serves as Executive Director of Gifted Athletes. She oversees all administrative details related to Gifted Athletes.

Saleama is a certified group exercise instructor and CPR, First-Aid and AED certified. In addition, she holds a B.S. in Church Ministries and will graduate (2019) with her M.A. in Intercultural Theology.