Homeschool 2022 – 2023 Registration Page

2022 – 2023 Academic School Year!

August 10, 2022 – April 28, 2023

We do not have regular classes during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break or Spring Break.

Sport 1: Basketball

Sport 2: Soccer

Sport 3: Vollyball

Sport 4 : Strategy Drills

Sport 5: Relay Races

Sport 6: Flag Football

Sport 7: Baseball

Sport 8:

Homeschool P.E. classes are open to students K-12 grade.

Classes are held at Bartlett Recreation Center

7700 Flaherty Pl, Bartlett, TN

You do not have to live in Bartlett, TN or be a member of Bartlett Recreation Center to participate. This is simply our meeting location and our classes are open to everyone in the homeschool community.

All classes are one in length.

  • Wednesday – 11:00am
  • Friday – 11:00am

Students may attend one or two classes per week as long as space is available.

Registration Fee Per Student:

Please note; effective January 3, 2022, if you choose to stop attending classes at any point throughout the school year, you will have to re register and pay the registration fee again to begin classes again.

  • $20.00 2022 – 2023 non refundable registration fee per student at time of registration. ($1.75 PayPal service fee)

Monthly Fee:

  • 1 student $39.00
  • 2 students $59.00
  • 3 students $76.00
  • 4 students $93.00

Monthly invoices will begin August 1, 2022 and payment is due no later than the 5th of each month. We do not issue refunds.

This fee is for one day per week, however, students are allowed to attend an optional second day for no additional charge.

Fill out registration form and continue with

Students are not considered registered until registration form and registration fee received.

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Our registration form and payment button are not connected. Please submit your registration form and then pay the registration fee. Please allow 24 hours for a formal email confirmation.

2022-2023 registration fee.

If you are registering more than one child simply increase the quantity.