Precious Moments…

We love when we have precious moments in our class. We usually have many special moments. We started our homeschool physical education class because we love teaching youths. The sweet comments from parents warms our hearts. We should make “My kid loves this class,” our slogan because we hear it so often. 😄 And we are so humbly grateful. 
Recently, one of our parents shared with us how amazed she is at her son’s eagerness to be active and participate. Her 12-year-old son has autism. We didn’t realize prior that her son might be hesitant to participate. But he’s fit right in with the other students and has done great! He works really hard on the agility ladder. He enjoys the ten minute jog and power walk. He volunteered to be goalie during a quick soccer game. And he played offense during soccer. He was running and chasing the ball – and had a lot of fun! We are so happy he enjoys our class. 
Coach Ru is a very kind-hearted person. He reminds all the students that they are capable of doing great – and they believe him. He has the same patience with every student. Our inclusive, structured, and fun environment brings us joy too as we watch students from all backgrounds enjoy being active together. 

This story is being shared with permission from parent