Homeschool P.E.

Gifted Athletes: Homeschool P.E. est. 2015

Gifted Athletes is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Mission Statement: Connection Creates Change : When homeschoolers stay connected – change happens!

What: Gifted Athletes was founded in 2015 as a homeschool P.E. program, by Omar Ruvalcaba and his wife Saleama. Omar, or Coach Ru, is a long-time youth coach for over 20 years. The word “Gifted” in our name means bestowing a “gift” to home education. Your child is not required to be “gifted” in sports to join our program. We are a Christian organization. We are an inclusive organization. We are a safe place for the homeschool community. 

Why: Our vision to inspire a love for physical activity within the homeschool community.

What We Offer: 

Our program will inspire an active lifestyle in the homeschool community in Memphis, TN. There are no requirements to be athletic. Our program is designed to promote a long-term love of active living in youths.

Physical Education:

  • Homeschool P.E. Classes (Ages K-12)

Our homeschool P.E. class is a structured one-hour class taught two times a week, which consists of basic sport fundamentals such soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, to name a few. In addition, every class consists of agility and conditioning which helps improve balance, coordination, speed, and weight control. 

To register for the 2022 – 2023 school year please visit the registration page.

This is Homeschool PE!

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