GA Athletics

Gifted Athletes: est. 2015

Gifted Athletes is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Mission Statement: Don’t be afraid to be great!

History: Gifted Athletes was founded in 2015 as a homeschool P.E. program, by Omar Ruvalcaba and his wife Saleama. Omar, or Coach Ru, is a long-time youth coach for over 20 years. The word “Gifted” in our name means bestowing a “gift” to home education. Your child is not required to be “gifted” in sports to join our program. We are a Christian organization. We are an inclusive organization. We are a safe place for the for your child to thrive.

What We Offer: 

Currently we offer homeschool PE classes for the homeschool community and sport camps in the summer open to all area students. Our program is evolving to offer more programs to youths in the Memphis area.

Visit our second homeschool group for the Memphis community.